fredag den 17. september 2010

The Color Of Your Tattoo

"Wild things" 2010

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  1. hey thx for your comment. like your blog too. nice start, keep it up! lynn

  2. The third one is very inspiring. Like your Berlin photos are. I explored Berlin with my lens some weeks ago too...I love Berlin, I go there regularly...not far from my place...
    Greetings from Germany and keep up the good work, I'll enjoy to follow you!

  3. Thanks to both of you :)
    I really love Berlin too, there is so much to see, and so many great pics to be taken there ;D

  4. I think you "spammed" me but I really like your work so I will follow you as you asked. Please follow back.
    Hey Joe, look, we are next to each other on the followers list.
    X David, NYC

  5. i really like these pics, they are very inspirational!

  6. Very interesting pictures, you have a lot of good inspiration!
    Thanks for your visit!

  7. David: not at all, I think your pictures are very beautiful. I love the softnes :) But thanks all of you :D

  8. amazing photos ;-)
    check out my blog..

  9. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful